Welcome to the Kink Forge discord server. What is a kink forge? It's a place where we explore our fetishes and exchange pictures, videos, ideas and stories, maybe even roleplay them!

Please read the information below to learn about the server's rules and what content belongs in which channel. This page will explain the server's:


Back in 2009, the creator or an imageboard about orcs and elves fighting/fucking each other decided to make a companion IRC channel. Over the years, people found this channel and started roleplaying in it. The channel changed IRC networks a few times and changed owners as well, and the third one was me. I've always viewed "orcs and elves" as more of a metaphor (for doms and subs, for example), so I wanted a name and concept that was more general-purpose, and Kink Forge stuck. In 2017, I noticed that as software and platforms were changing, a lot of people were finding Discord more convenient to chat on, not to mention much prettier and easier to use, so here we are.


The channels you'll find on the server are a reflection of the interests of its most prominent users. We frequently talk about video games; movies, TV series and anime; music and Youtube videos; food and whatever else goes on in our lives. First and foremost, however, is that we are all thoroughly perverted! We maintain an endless supply of lewd pictures, animations and videos. Feeding the fire of the forge, so to speak. We've all done erotic roleplay before (some of us perhaps still do, I haven't asked around lately), so definitely come and say hello if you like doing that!

This is reflected in the rules of the server and in the moderation decisions I take. Talking negatively about people's fetishes or making fun of something else they like (e.g. some polarizing cartoons watched by all ages, you know the ones) is an express ticket to being disliked by everyone, and therefore banned. Freedom of speech protects you from being arrested and put in jail for something you say (or at least it should...), but it doesn't protect you from social backlash and being shown the door.

General rules and usage

Channel-specific rules

#workshop (NSFW)

The default channel for pornography (real or drawn) and discussion of fetish fuel, related fetishes, etc. If it's kinky, post it here unless it belongs in the blast chamber (see below for a list of quarantined fetishes

#blast-chamber (NSFW)

This channel is used to post only the most extreme fetishes, content which has a good probability of disgusting someone else. Fetishes that should be posted here include anthropomorphism (furry or MLP), blood and gore, scat, amputees, petrification, extreme inflation, etc. Use your judgment, or ask me and I will tell you where it goes and add it to the list if needed. Note that non-sexual shocking content goes to #wtf

#publications (NSFW)

This channel is meant to be a slower-moving reposity of ideas, thoughts, writing/playing prompts, scenarios, sex toy designs, etc. Discussion around the ideas will be cleaned up after at least a month has passed.

#labkitchen (NSFW)

A channel to talk about food, but since food and sex go together so well, this has been made into a NSFW channel. Post your food, your food porn, or your porn with food in here.

#wtf (NSFW)

A channel to post stuff like bizarre news, car crashes, celebrity deaths, unsettling social media posts, so on and so forth. No sociopolitical commentary, please.

#games (SFW)

Post about what games you're currently playing, games you're interested in, game sales, etc.

#watching (SFW)

A channel for discussing what you're currently watching, be it anime, TV, movies or youtube videos.

#music (SFW)

A place to share the latest track you're jamming to, your latest discovery, or your favorite video game OSTs.

#general (SFW)

The default place to discuss your daily life, thoughts, good news, weather, anything that doesn't fit anywhere else.

#eve (SFW)

Since the server has several EVE players and EVE is a very complex game generating a lot of discussion, it has been moved to its own channel, with voice chat for the occasional fleet mission.

#bios (NSFW)

A place to describe your roleplay character(s), possibly with a photo. This is meant to be a slow moving channel like #publications, so discussion may be pruned after a month.

#rp (NSFW)

A place for spontaneous, improvised, public roleplay. Act out your character's daily life here and maybe someone will jump in, or just fool around.

#picturemill (NSFW)

This channel is used by the server's bot, Lilibot, to post the largest-filesize lewd image posted to Danbooru every 20 minutes. Surprisingly good at finding little gems. Recommended to mute and view at your leisure.

#liliahs-favorite (NSFW)

A channel where yours truly uses a script to post notifications whenever I add a picture to my favorites on Danbooru in my quest to browse all of Danbooru. My progress is updated regularly in the channel topic.


Lilibot can fetch random images for you on Danbooru, Gelbooru and more provided some content tags. Type !help in #picture-mill (the recommended channel to spam Lilibot calls) for more information.